Champichori Dasi Katha

There was a king who had a daughter named Champadei. When she grew up, she got marriage proposals. The name of the groom was Solasingha Maharaja. Since she was the princess, she assumed that the groom has sixteen horns. She was in deep thoughts. On the day of marriage, she was quite disturbed. She had a maid who was of her age. Her name was Champichori. The princess asked the maid to go and see how the groom is and also count its horns. The maid went and lied saying that he has big horns. She also gave description of how the horns looked as some were wrapped with clothes, some were just clinging. Through these descriptions, she increased the fear in her. The princess told her that she doesn't want to marry her. Rather she requests the maid to marry him and promises to be her maid. Champichori wore the ornaments of Champadei and became the bride. Champadei wore the dress of Champichori and became the maid. The wedding was over. Champichori got married to the Solasingha Maharaja and Champadei went with her as her maid. When Champadei got to know about the lie that Champichori told her about the Solasingha Maharaja and got married to him, she was hurt. She consoled herself saying that she has done it on her own. So she remained silent.

The Solasingha Maharaja had no one. Therefore only Champichori cooked for him and Champadei. Champadei doesn't like eating food made by the maid. So she throws all the food in the riverbank. She says, "Shame on the crows. But Champadei will never eat from Champichori's hands." She does this everyday. The launderer of the king, who washes clothes everyday at the river back watches her throwing away the food. One day he went to the king and said," Your Majesty, I wish to tell you something but I fear." The kind said,"There is nothing to fear." The launderer said," There is someone from the palace who goes to the riverbank everyday and throws the rice there. She also says shame on the crows. But Champadei will never eat from Champichori's hands." To visualise this, one day the king himself went there. On seeing this, he confronted the maid. Reluctantly she said everything in detail. The king went back to the palace and ordered for a hole to be dug. He called for Champichori and asked," how much grains would the hole hold?" Champichori ignorant of the situation, looked into the hole to have an idea. It was then when the king pushed him inside the hole, put nails inside and closed the hole. He made Champadei the queen and they lived happily ever after.

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