Ananta Katha

In a small house lived four members, father mother, brother and sister. After the sister got married to a well to do family, the father died. The son and the mother had to face many difficulties after the death of father. The name of the son is Ananta. There was a wedding at hie sister's house. Ananta requested his mother to allow him to attend the wedding. His mother gave him the permission and he reached his sister's house in the evening.

His brother-in-law saw him there and requested him to make some plates out of leaves. He gave him some dibojha leaves and left. Ananta made plates out of them and night turned to dawn. Everyone had their dinner and went to bed when his sister suddenly remembered that Ananta did not have dinner. When she looked in the kitchen, there was nothing other than rice gruel. She asked Ananta if he would like to have that, he refused and said "It is already dawn, I'll eat in the morning."

In the morning, the brother-in-law saw Ananta sitting on the verandah. He gave him a sickle and asked him to cut some grass for his horse. While he was going to get the grass, he realised that he is sad and poor which is why he is being tortured like this. He threw away the sickle and decided to go back home. On the way, he saw a dead snake and thought just because he is alive, he has to face such insults. Therefore, he decides to take that snake, boil it and eat it so that he will die. Saying this, he took the snake and gave it to his mother to cook it. By the time Ananta took bath, his mother cooked the snake and went to the kitchen to serve it. When he opened the container, he was shocked to see that there was no snake in it. Rather there were chunks of gold. His mother kept all the gold. Ananta took one piece to the market and got things in exchange of that. They had good food and made a beautiful house. He bought an elephant, some ornaments like a couple gold and silver rings for his sister. He also got two bells one said,"Ananta, come have some rice gruel" and the other said," No sister, I'll have it tomorrow morning." After making all arrangements, he went to his sister's house on the elephant. He also took all the ornaments with him. When he reached the village, he put both the bells on the elephant. The bells kept saying, Ananta, come have some rice gruel" and "No sister, I'll have it tomorrow morning."

The villagers started saying that the sister told this to her brother hence he is coming ringing bells. When he reached his sister's house, everyone was standing to welcome him. Someone was waiting with a tumbler of water to wash his feet, someone was ready to help him get down extending a hand while someone was setting the bed for him. While he washed his feet and entered, he saw his sister waiting with a plate of rice served for him. He went inside and said, "Last time I came, brother-in-law said to make plates, sister asked to ear rice gruel. This time I came with ornaments so I am being welcomed." Saying this he put the rings in the rice and said" eat gold, eat silver, I'll not eat." He left and came back on his elephant. He did not care his sister anymore and lived happily with his mother.

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