On the Asadha Masa Shukla Pakhya Dwadashi Tithi, a special drink called Pana is offered to the deities on the Rathas. This delightful milk beverage is stored in earthen pots placed near the deities' lips. Mahasuara Sebayatas prepare the drinks on each Ratha. During the Pana offering, in presence of the Palia Mahasuaras, the Bhittarachha Mahapatra, Talichha Mahapatra, and Palia Puspalaka, hold a new cloth called Tera horizontally in front of the deities. Pani Apata Sebayatas collectively bring a hundred pots of water from a well near the Singha Dwara of Bada Deula and pour it into a large brass container called Handa, placed on the Rathas. The Mahasuara Sebayatas mix ingredients like Sachi, Chhena, Kadali, Khira, etc., in the water to create the special Pana drink. Puja Panda Sebayatas then offer this drink to the deities.

It is believed that after offering the Pana to the deities on the Rathas, the Sebayatas break the earthen containers as a sign of respect to the Parshwa Debatas. The Puja Pandas perform the Panchaupachara Puja. According to tradition, the pots and ingredients for preparing the Pana drink, known as Adhara Pana, are supplied by "Bada Odia Matha," "Raghaba Dasa Matha," and the Temple Administration. Adhara Pana is called so because the containers are tall enough to reach the lips (Adhara) of the deities. These containers are clay pots shaped like Tumba. Previously, the Adhara Pana ritual was performed on the Ekadashi Tithi.Actually it is said that it should be performed on the Dashami Tithi when the Rathas reach the Singha Dwara after the Bahuda Jatra. However, nowadays, it is done on Dwadashi Tithi. It is said that earlier on Ekadashi Tithi,

the Adhara Pana Bhoga was offered to the deities by Raghaba Dasa Matha and Bada Odia Matha after the Madhyana Dhupa and On Dwadashi Tithi, before the Pahandi of Niladri Bije, the Temple Administration used to offer the Adhara Pana Bhoga to the deities.So, there were two or three days of Adhara Pana Niti. However, for many years now, this Adhara Pana ritual is performed only on Dwadashi Tithi after the Madhyana Dhupa. Moreover, the deities do not enter the temple on Dwadashi Tithi nowadays.Nine earthen pots are filled with Pana, and the Deities are presented with three pots each on their respective Rathas. The ritual of Garuda Shayana Niti also takes place on the Dwadashi Tithi. During this ritual, Puja is conducted to pray Garuda, the divine bird and Bahana ofBishnu, to rest under the Palanka or Bed of Hari, who is already sleeping as part of Hari Shayana.

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