Anantashayana Bishnu - Saranga

Location: Saranga Village, Parajanga Tehsil ,Dhenkanal Odisha

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On the tourism map of Odisha, Parajanga in the Dhenkanal district holds a special place. There are numerous tourist attractions as well as old statues. On the banks of the Brahmani River in Saranga, there lies a 55-foot sleeping figure of Lord Bishnu. Lord Brahma emerges from Lord Vishnu's navel, and Maa Lakshmi sits at his feet, according to the statue. On the top of the statue, the serpent Anantanag is seen. The Sankha, Chakra, Gada, and Padma are all embellished in the hand.

Many tourists come from all over the Odisha to witness the one-of-a-kind sleeping statue. More tourists are visible, especially during the winter season. Baba Aishaneswar and the village deity Maa Andhari Bauti are both worshipped not far from the area. On the riverbank, there is a forest called Budubudia. The location attracts a large number of people that come for a picnic.

How to Reach: To go to Parajanga, one must travel over Dhenkanal-Kamakshanagar Road from Bhubaneswar, Odisha's capital. The Saranga Tanakhi Gate is about 10 kilometres away. You may go to the statue location by making a right turn from this gate.

If you're coming from Angul, you'll arrive to Balhar Square through the Angul-Banarpal route. From there, travel 3 kilometres towards Saranga to reach the Saranga Tanakhi Gate. A kilometre to the left of the gate is the statue of Lord Vishnu sleeping.

If you're travelling by train, you'll need to disembark at Talcher station or Talcher Road station and take an autorickshaw to the statue site.

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