A. Chandra Sekhar Sarab

A. Chandra Sekhar Sarab is from Hinjilicut, Ganjam. After his Post Graduation in Commerce, he is currently working in Judicial Department, posted in JMFC, Sheragada. He is a Numismatist and Philatelist, by passion.

What items do you collect?
I am collecting Coins; Banknotes; Postage, Revenue and Court Fee Stamps of Republic India, British Indian and Princely states of India as well as of foreign countries. I have shaped my collection as a home currency museum and named it as "The CoinWorld"

Who is your inspiration to do all this, or who is your role model?
From my childhood, I was fond of collecting different things. and as I belong to a business family, it started coincidentally while dealing with coins of our family shop. When I was at college, got more knowledge about the hobby and it inspired me to make it my passion.

How long have you been collecting all this?
So, from my early days (school days) when I saw different types of coins in our shop and from my pocket money, I feel excited to see different designs among them and kept them separately. And that’s how it started.

From your collection, which postage stamp, coin you first collected?
Can't able to recollect the memory, but different designs of One-rupee coins first time I have collected while I was in std. 6-7. And probably a 10 paisa stamp of Farmers harvesting crops is the first stamp I got in the childhood.

How many and which country's currency do you have collected till now?
Currently my collection has Currencies of more than 290 countries. including all 195 UN countries, non-UN member countries, independent territories, Micro nations, Colonial Countries and Dead Countries.

How many country’s postage stamps do you have collected and what other items do you have collected?
Currently my collection has Postal Stamps of more than 60 countries, mostly Asian countries. Apart from that. My collection has different Stamps and other Philatelic articles of Republic India, British India and princely states. I have collecting Stamps of different themes like... Odisha on Postage stamps, Prominent Personalities of Odisha, Gandhiji on stamps, Olympic Games, Prime Ministers of India, Presidents of India.

How do you collect all these stuffs?
Mostly I have collected these items from general circulation. Apart from that my family, friends and relatives helped me a lot for collecting these. Some items I got buy swapping/ buying from other Numismatist/Philatelist friends.

What is your favourite Odia food, favourite Odia song, favourite Odia movie and why?
Favourite Odia food: Dahi Pakhala served by my mother. Favourite Odia song: Aahe Nila Saila, as it was the first song I have learnt in my childhood from my mother. Favourite Odia Film: Actually, more than one. like Sesa Srabana, Dora, Ki Heba Sua Posile. As these are the masterpiece of Odia film industry.

What is your favorite tourist destination in Odisha? Tell us if you have any memories of that?
Undoubtedly, its Puri. Reason every Odia can feel and tell. Secondly, I have visited Lord Gupteswar temple of Koraput last year. I just loved the green environment of Koraput.

How do you spend your leisure time?
Reading books, especially spiritual books.

Tell us about some of your favorite childhood games, memories.
In my childhood, like every child I wanted to be a Cricketer. Just loved to play cricket, more than 2-3 hours a day.

Which Odia personality has influenced your life and why?
Shri Madhusudan Das. His dedication towards the Odisha and Odia people inspired me a lot.

What is your favorite Odia book you have ever read?
"Jagyanseni" by Ms. Pratibha Ray

Have you ever thought about the future of this addiction and passion?
Firstly, I am plaining to open a Currency Museum which will be open to all. Where everybody can visit it and able to see my rare previous collection. Secondly, I want to aware the society specially to the young generation about the importance of Numismatics and Philately. For this reason, I am posting my blogs through Facebook and Instagram pages "The CoinWorld" and also uploading videos containing Numismatic/ Philatelic facts through my YouTube channel "The CoinWorld"

Odisha of your dreams in 2050?
A state with zero corruption, poverty and unemployment. An honest society having rich moral and ethical values.

Are you interested in anything other than what you are collecting?
I am always thirsty for knowledge. So always prefer to learn new things by reading and researching. I am a spiritual guy from childhood and prefer to read scriptures like Bhagavad Gita whenever I got some time.

Tell us something about your village?
In my childhood I have lived in two different villages, one is "Badapur" and another is "Manikyapur". Both are beautiful villages and I loved a lot as it made my foundation.

Your message for the next generation and youth of Odisha?
I am very small in age to say something on this. I just want to say, whatever you do just do your best, not in a mechanical manner but like a scientist in that field. Try to research the fact and enjoy the job. As per the great Chanakya: knowledge is the true wealth.

One last question. What would you like to change or revert if you are given an opportunity to go back to the past?
If I will get a chance to go back to post, I will rectify all my mistakes which I have done in past and will try to be a better human being.

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