In the heartlands of ancient Odisha, where legends breathed and faith soared higher than the skies, a formidable conflict unfurled—a tale of rival convictions that would forever etch its name in the annals of time.

Once upon a time, during the illustrious reign of King Chodagangadeba, a tempestuous clash of beliefs erupted, embroiling leaders of two sacred sects in a battle for supremacy. On one side stood Acharya Someswara, the unwavering advocate of God Markandeya, while on the other was Nitei Dhobani, the fervent worshipper of the revered Lord Jagannatha.

Both leaders, fervent in their beliefs, garnered a formidable following in the sacred city of Puri. Acharya Someswara's esoteric teachings found favor with the Keshari kings, particularly Uddyota Keshari, who welcomed him to Puri. However, Acharya Someswara dared to challenge the authority of Lord Jagannatha, much to the dismay of his devotees.

Nitei Dhobani, on the other hand, was a devout disciple of Lord Jagannatha. She considered Him the supreme deity, with all others as mere manifestations. King Chodagangadeba, deeply devoted to Lord Jagannatha, is said to have ascended the throne with Nitei Dhobani's guidance. Together, they journeyed to Puri, where the king erected the grand temple of Lord Jagannatha.

As the chasm of belief grew wider, King Chodagangadeba intervened, urging the leaders to find common ground through dialogue. However, their hearts remained resolute in their convictions, rendering compromise impossible.

In a final attempt to quell the discord, a unique challenge was devised. The task at hand was to transform husks into rice, a feat that could only be accomplished through unwavering faith and divine intervention. The one who succeeded would unequivocally establish the supremacy of their Lord.

In a moment charged with divine anticipation, Acharya Someswara, renowned for his unwavering faith, was the first to take the stage. He approached the wooden mortar and pestle, known as the Udukhala, with an air of reverence that sent ripples through the gathered crowd. With hands raised in supplication, he invoked his beloved deity, the mighty Aghora Shiba Markendeya. His prayers, rich with devotion, filled the air as he sought the blessings of his tutelary Lord.

The onlookers held their breath, their eyes fixed on the pivotal moment. With every ounce of determination, Acharya Someswara began to pound the stubborn husks, his efforts a testament to his faith. But as time ticked away, it became evident that the husks remained unyielding, their transformation into rice an elusive dream.

The silence hung heavy in the air, broken only by the sound of the unyielding husks. Acharya Someswara's face mirrored the disappointment that washed over the gathered assembly. His unwavering faith had not swayed the grains of fate, and the supremacy of his beloved deity remained unproven.

It was a moment pregnant with significance, for what followed would determine the course of belief and worship in the land of Odisha. The stage was set, and the fate of gods hung in the balance.

As the sun cast its golden rays upon the sacred grounds, it was time for Nitei Dhobani, the fervent worshipper of Lord Jagannatha, to step into the spotlight. The air was thick with anticipation, and the eyes of the gathered multitude were fixed on her every move.

Nitei Dhobani, unlike her counterpart, exuded an aura of unwavering confidence. With a handful of unyielding husks in her grasp, she raised them towards the heavens as if offering them to the divine. Her heart brimming with devotion, she began to chant prayers that seemed to resonate with the very soul of Puri.

With each pounding of the wooden mortar, her determination echoed like a thunderclap. The husks, which had resisted the efforts of Acharya Someswara, now succumbed to the rhythm of her devotion. Rice, the symbol of abundance and sustenance, flowed like a cascade of blessings from her determined efforts.

The onlookers, initially holding their breath, erupted into a chorus of jubilation. "Victory to Lord Jagannatha!" they cried out, their voices echoing through the ages. It was a moment of divine revelation, a testament to the unwavering faith of Nitei Dhobani and the supreme glory of Lord Jagannatha.

In that instant, the course of history was altered, and the entire cosmos seemed to bow in reverence. Jagannatha, the Lord of the Universe, had asserted His supreme reign, and all other deities willingly embraced their subordinate roles. Nitei Dhobani, the humble devotee, had become a legend, and her name would forever be etched in the annals of Odisha's spiritual tapestry.

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