It is believed that the name Angul is a distortion of Anugol, which is explained by a legend as follows. The region was once inhabited by indigenous tribes like the Kandhas, Sabara, and Gonds, with the Kandhas being the most powerful. The area was divided into several autonomous kingdoms, each ruled by a Kandhas chief or sardar. However, the King of Odisha eventually asserted his dominance over the Kandhas, who accepted his authority by paying tribute. The final Kandha chief, Anu, rebelled against the king by withholding the tribute. The King of Odisha sent an envoy with some Rajputs and adventurers from Mathura to Anu's court, who found that the people were dissatisfied with his rule and enlisted their aid. A plot was formed against Anu, and he was removed from power through a battle or plot, known as a "gol." The conquerors then ruled over the land and named it Anugol to commemorate their victory. Over time, the name Anu+Gol became colloquially known as Anugula or Anugol.

REFERENCES:Various Sources Including Odisha District Gazetteers

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