Samapaju Ra Raghu

Movie:SamapajuRa Raghu(ସମାପାଜୁର ରଘୁ)
Producer:Manoj Mishra
Director:Chinmay Mishra

After a title display the movie opens with a regular railway station scene. Simultaneous screenplay of Boudh police station and jaw dropping refreshing cinematography of Samapaju village.

Dealing with a child kidnapping case as the core story line, this movie never fails to keep the viewer engaged. The story has been wisely used as an asset to touch upon every sect of human emotions by the storyteller. With a handful of organic twists and turns it successfully keeps the audience engaged till the final curtain drop.

DOP Deepak Kumar with his mesmerizingly captured backdrops is definitely a ray of hope for the kind of cliche Odia film cinematography is limited to now a day.

The Very original story and screenplay is developed by the director Chinmay Mishra himself and the co writer is none-other than the veteran actor Manoj Mishra. Pranab Ratha's dialogue was very practical and colloquial which will definitely help the audience to be more relatable with the story line.

This very relatable story is well complimented by a well-balanced cast, consisting of both budding and seasoned talents.

Manoj Mishra portraying the central character Raghu, shines high as always. As his wife Suryamayee Mahapatra has done decent justice to the character. I personally feel a bit of consistency in the rhythm of the character and a bit of relatable accent could have made the character more impressive. Partha Sarathi Ray, Mamata Nanda, Devajani Denguria, Astha Adyasa Das each one of the core cast has done the job very gracefully. Angel in the role of Pari will for sure make the Audience apathetic to the character.

Without any doubt, ‘Tote Khoje Jibana’, a song beautifully composed by Bibhuti Bhusan Gadanayak, penned by Sthita Pattnayak and sung by Bishnu Mohan Kabi is a must have in every Odia soothing song playlist. ‘Mu deha hele jibana tu’ composed by Suraj Purohit, penned by Satya Ranjan Bal, sung by Asit Tripathy and Ananya Sriram Nanda is also catchy and complements the storyline.

Available in Taranga+ with a minimal subscription fare, with a runtime of 2 hours and 18 minutes it is a much-needed relief for Odia Cine lovers and deserves every Odia's attention.

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