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Sarthak Arya, a 12-year boy (born in July 2009) from Odisha, was introduced to the fastest racket game on the earth (Table Tennis) at the age of 7 years in 2017. His love and passion for the game took him to the next level and by 2019, he bagged multiple medals at State Level in Delhi State. From there Sarthak was picked up by Dronacharya award winning coach Mr. Sandeep Gupta in 2019 which was a turning point for him. He consistently performed at Delhi State level tournaments in U11, U13, and U15 categories and often represented Delhi at the National level. His perseverance and dedication brought him 2 Gold Medals at the National Level.

Currently, the Table Tennis Federation of India ranks him as India # 1 in the U13 category. So with this merit, the best moment comes to Sarthak when he is invited by SAI (SportsAuthority of India) to represent India in the WTT (World table Tennis) Youth Contender at Linz, Austria in U13 and U15. For this tournament, Sarthak is flying to Austria in the last week of April 2022.

Sarthak is the Grandson of Retd High School Teacher Sri Niranjan Beura who hails from Govindpur (Gunthilo) village of Tirtol Block. He is currently residing with his parents (Arya Prakash Beura and Banita Beura) in Delhi as his father Arya is working in the city as an IT consultant. Sarthak Dreams to bring Gold in the Olympics for the Country and seeking blessings for his big dream.

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