Two Makes A Strong Team

Once upon a time, in a village, lived a farmer named Kanhu. He had two bulls
named Kalu and Bholu with him.

Kanhu used them in farming and other domestic activities. Kalu and
Bholu were inseparable and always stayed together, intact, looking
and caring for each other.

Kanhu's farmland was situated far from the village near a forest. And
in that forest lived a ferocious lion.

One day the lion came into Kanhu's farmland and attacked the
bullocks Kalu and Bholu. Kanhu was terrified and ran away for his life
from the site.

 The lion sprang on the bullocks aggressively with an intent to kill. But
the bullocks kept together and fought together not letting the lion to
get at them. They struck the lion hard with their horns.

The lion played a trick and said: " Oh dear bullocks it's good to roam
separate sometimes. Be assured I won't harm any of you". They
believed the lion and checked if staying separate would spare them
from frequent attacks. Now the lion attacked and killed them both.

Moral: United we stand, divided we fall. As long as we stay
together, we survive against all odds but once separated we can
perish soon.

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