Geospatial data and road connectivity of the village:

At the outset, let me navigate you through the road to my village named “Singhpur”. Singhpur is located in the Binjharpur tehsil of Jajpur district, the district is otherwise known as “Gada Khsetra of Odisha” or “Biraja Khsetra”. The village is located 30 KM away from the district headquarter Jajpur and 12 KM away from the sub-district head quarter Binjharpur. The total population of our village would be exactly around 7000.Yes the number is big, so our village. Our village is connected to cities like Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Rourkela, Jharsuguda, Kolkata by SH roadways. There are 15 odd no. of private buses running up & down between State capital & our village on daily basis. There are 4 no. of private buses running up & down between Steel city & our village. And also there are 5 no. of private buses running up & down between City of joy & our village on daily basis. Singhpur is otherwise called as financial capital of Binjharpur block because of its prominent market area and significant road connectivity. The Latitude and Longitude of our village is 20.691951 & 86.507240 respectively.

Productivity of the farmland & modernization of cultivation in the village:

Paddy field farming remains the dominant form of growing rice in modern times. The farmers of our village solely depend upon Paddy cultivation during Kharif season. Apart from Paddy, farmers do cultivate Green gram, Black gram, Peanut etc. The farming land partially supports for vegetable cultivation. A many farmers put their sweat on Diary farming, Poultry farming and Fish farming.

The elegance of river and forest of the Village:

Our village Singhpur is situated on the bank of Kharosrota River, a tributary of the Brahmani River. The college in our village is named after Kharosrota known as “Kharosrota Mahavidyala”. Singhpur attracts students from other villages for larger educational infrastructure which encompasses One College, one High School named as “Singhpur High School”, two no. of Upper Primary schools and four no. of Primary Schools. Our village is surrounded by lavish green trees, river and temples.

Unexplored spectacular places in the Village:

The temple of goddess “Maa Daria Nahakani” is one of the most visited places for all the villagers and every commuter whoever coming to our village. The picturesqueness of the temple is added by the pond located inside the temple premises. It happens to be the ultimatum demanding place for picnic, marriage functions or any festive celebration. The story behind the temple is as mysterious as its history. “Makar Sankranti” is one of the most celebrated festivals of the temple.

Significance of various festivals celebrated in the Village:

There is a say, we as people of Odisha celebrate 13 festivals in 12 Months so our village. We celebrate all the Odia festivals which includes Makar Sankranti, Saraswati Puja, Dola Purnima, Pana Sankranti, Raja Sankranti, Ganesh puja, Durga Puja, Deepavali ( Kalipuja) and many more. The most celebrated festival of our village is Deepavali. It is also known as “Baliyatra Festival Of Singhpur”.
Besides these all, there are things about Singhpur which need to be explored as time flies. Let’s put our hand and heart together to make a village a better Village for a better India.

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