64 Jogini Temple

This will be helpful for them who would like to visit the archaeological and ancient sculptures of India. If you are at Bhubaneswar for one day, then you can visit the place which possesses the ancient sculptures/monuments of 9th century. Or you can do both on the same day as the place is just 15km from Bhubaneswar.

Few details about the temple:
It was built during 9th century for occult practices, probably under the Bhauma rulers of Odisha. The queen of the village Hirapur (Hiradeipur) was "Hiradei". The temple is in hypaethral (no roof) and circular structure with 64 Joginis (yoginis) inside it. Each Jogini represent a different character. The Jogini cult as an offshoot of tantric practices in India took shape during the 9th -13th Century .

I took the below route to reach the temple. Bhubaneswar station/airport -> Kalpana square -> Ravi talkies square -> Take left at Ravi talkies towards Kuakhai river -> Cross the river bridge and go right -> Within 2 to 3 minutes you can see a small bridge over the canal -> Go to left, cross the small bridge and that is Hirapur village.

Jogini Cult was initiated in Indian subcontinent with the 64JoginiTemple at Hirapur,Khordha,Odisha & spread upto central,north,south India. There are other Jogini temples at Ranipur-Jharial(Balangir,Odisha), Bhedaghat, Shahdol, Badoh, Dudahi, Khajuraho, Rikhiyan, Lokhari, Mitauli, Naresar, Hinglajgadh and Kancheepuram.

Only at 5 places the temple structure survived, rest all destroyed and only few idols are found scattered.

  • 64 Jogini temple, Hirapur, Odisha[1st Jogini temple of India] (Temple structure was excavated in 1953AD and one Jogini idol is missing. Worship is going on with the broken idols.)
  • 64 Jogini temple, Ranipur-Jharial, Odisha (Around 17 idols are missing)
  • Rectangular 64 Jogini temple, Khajuraho - Madhya Pradesh (No Jogini idol found. Getting ruined)
  • 81 Jogini temple, Bhedaghat - Madhya Pradesh (Many Jogini idols are not found and some niches are replaced with other Gods.)
  • Morena - Madhya Pradesh (No Jogini idol is there. Instead, Siva lingas are there.)

64 JoginiTemple at Hirapur:

The outer circumference of this hypaethral temple is abt 90ft with projection of 4ft ength & 2ft6inches breadth. The entrance to the east connects the vestibule passage. There are 2 Dwarapala at the entrance & 9 Katayani on the niches of the outer wall. In the inner side the temple 60 joginis are there, 4 joginis & 4 bhairabas installed on the Chandi mandap pillars at the centre of the temple.

Let’s know the names and some details about the 64 Joginis present at Hirapur.

Jogini 1:Maya / Bahurupa / Chandika:
Four armed, Braid of hair over her head, Ornaments-armlets,anklets, necklace etc
Bahana: Shaba/Corpse

Jogini 2: Tara:
Two armed, knee bent pose, braid of hair to the left, ornaments for head & other like jogini1.
Bahana: Shaba/Corpse

Jogini 3: Narmada
Two armed, braids of hair to the right of head, wears garland of skulls,holds a skull cup near mouth,

Jogini 4: Jamuna
Four armed, pratyalidha pose, curling hair raised over the head, skull cup right upper hand

Jogini 5: Shanti/Kanti/Lakshmi/Mananda
Two armed, Braid of haird over head, Ornaments like J#1 & Naga,Peacock Feather Skirt

Jogini 6: Bruddhi/Kriya/Baruni
Two armed, Braid of hair to the left of head, Standing in samabhanga pose

Jogini 7: Ajita/Gauri/Kshemankari
Four armed,Braid of hair over head,Girdgle,necklace,armlet,anklet,Sambhanga pose

Jogini 8: Aindri/Indrani
Two armed, Braid of hair, Pratyalidha pose

Jogini 9: Barahi
Four armed, face is of boar, ornaments like Jogini#1 with mukuta & kirita, holds skullcup & bow

Jogini 10: Ranabira/Padmabati
Two armed, fierce looking, braid of hair, wearing alaka & garland of skull, holding sword

Jogini 11: Murati/Ostragreeba/Ostrarudha
Four armed, monkey faced, standing in dwibhanga pose

Jogini 12: Baishnabi
Two armed, graceful face, curly hair, sarpa mukuta over head, some ornaments
Bahana:Garuda/Garuda Bird

Jogini 13: Birupa/Kalaratri/Panchabarahi
Two armed, graceful,smiling,beautiful braid over head, standing in tribhanga pose

Jogini 14: Badyaroopa
Two armed, braid of hair over her head, standing in dwibhanga pose

Jogini 15: Charcchika
Two armed, standing in tribhanga
Bahana:Male having curly hair, holding stem of lotus in right hand, dagger on waist

Jogini 16: Marjari/Betali
Four armed, braid of hair over head, garland of skull,ornament like J#1,standing in samabhanga

Jogini 17:Chhinnamastaka
Four armed,braid of hair over head,holds bow in lower left hand,standing in dwibhanga
Bahana: KataMunda/SeveredHead

Jogini 18: Brushabhanana/BindhyaBasini
Two armed, face of buffalo, fierce look, disheveled hair
Bahana: GharaORGumpha/HouseORCave

Jogini 19: Jalakamini
Two armed, beautiful braid of hair to the right of head, decorative waist ornaments, tribhanga pose
Bahana: Benga/Frog

Jogini 20: Ghatabara
Two armed, terrific figure, lifts an elephant & hide over her head.
Bahana: Sinha/Lion

Jogini 21: Bikarali/Kakarali
Two armed, graceful, braid of hair, right foot held by both hand & placed on left thigh
Bahana: Kukura/Dog

Jogini 22: Saraswati
Four armed,with moustache,4m shoulder a tumuru(musical instrument) is hanging,braid of hair over head

Jogini 23: Birupa
Two armed,braid of hair over head, standing in dwibhanga pose

Jogini 24:Kauberi
Two armed,braid of hair, mukuta, kirita on head,bejeweled girdle,dancing pose
Bahana:RatnaKalasha & fullblown Padma(lotus)

Jogini 25:Barahi/Bhalluka
Two armed,boar faced,raised hair,ornaments & damaru on right hand, jata mandala hair

Jogini 26:Narasinhi/Sinhamukhi
Four armed,lion faced,raised curly hair,pot like on lower hands
Bahana:PanchaPushpaLata/5 flowers with leaves

Jogini 27:Biraja
Two armed,graceful,braid of hair to right of head,standing in dwibhanga pose
Bahana:PadmaKoraka/LotusBud with leaves

Jogini 28:Bikatanana
Two armed,furious with protruding lips,curling matted hair over head, sarpa mukuta type of hair style
Bahana: [BROKEN]

Jogini 29:Mahalakshmi
Two armed,beautiful,garland of snakes,holds bajra & shield,braidofhair to right
Bahana: PurnaPadmaPhula/FullBlownLotus

Jogini 30:Kaumari
Two armed,graceful,akshamala on rightarm,shield on left hand,standing in dwibhangaPose,hair to right

Jogini 31:Mahamaya
Ten armed, beautiful, bigger than rest of joginis.
bahana: purna padma phula/full bloomed lotus

Jogini 32:Usha/Rati
Two armed,furious,raised curling hair,standing in bent knee pose,
Bahana:Archer with bow and arrow, quiver on shoulder

Jogini 33:Karkari
Two armed,graceful,braid of hair to left of head,head & ear ornaments etc,standing in tribhanga pose

Jogini 34:Sarpasha/Chittala
Four armed,Snake faced, some ornaments,standing in dwibhanga pose

Jogini 35:Jashaa
Two armed,kirita & mukuta over head,standing in tribhanga pose
Bahana:Chhota Meja/Small table with 4 legs

Jogini 36:Aghoraa/Baibaswati
Two armed,furious,bulding eyes,raised hair,standing in dwibhanga pose
Bahana:Horned goat like animal

Jogini 37:Bhadrakali/Rudrakali
Two armed,braid of hair over head looks like flame,sword in right hand,designed clothes

Jogini 38:Matangi/Shitala/Bainayaki/Ganeshani
Two armed,elephant faced potbelly figure,knot of matted hair over head

Jogini 39:BindhyaBalini
Two armed,braid of hair to rightof head,bow in left & bowstring & arrow in right hand,pratyalidha pose

Jogini 40:Abhayaa/BiraKumari
Four armed,beautiful,braid of hair like crown,raised upperhands,dancepose

Jogini 41:Maheswari
Four armed,braid of hair to right of head with ornaments,standing dwibhanga pose

Jogini 42:Kamakshi/Ambika
Four armed,braid of hair to right of head,lower hand lean against knees,damaru
Bahana:Chakra & Neula/Wheels & Mongoose

Jogini 43:Kamayani
Two armed,ornaments,braid of hair to right of head,standing in dwibhanga pose

Jogini 44:Ghatabari
Two armed,curling hair over head with ornaments(karanda-mukuta),standing in dwibhanga pose

Jogini 45:Stutee
Four armed,braid of hair to right of head with flower garland,mukuta
Bahana:Haladi Kathuaa/Pot for turmeric paste,Flower Vase

Jogini 46:Kaali
Two armed,braid of hair over head,holds trident,standing in dwibhanga pose
Bahana:Male with Mukuta, kitrita on hand, 3 eyes

Jogini 47:Uma
Four armed,graceful,mukuta,kirita,jatamukuta,holds naga phasha in upper left hand,abhaya mudra
Bahana:Padma Phula/Lotus flowers

Jogini 48:Narayani
Two armed,sword in right hand,wears tiara on head,left hand on MadyaBhanda/WineKeg-Pedestral-Earthen pot with conical lid

Jogini 49:Samudraa
Two armed,braid of hair to left of head,tiara on head,ornaments on body
Bahana:Shankha/Conch with two legs

Jogini 50:Brahmaani
Four armed,3faced,kirita & jatamukuta over head,paita(sacred thread),decorativeLion of left of pedestral

Jogini 51:Jwalamukhi
Two armed,ears are raised & long,long knots of matted hair hanging on both sides of head
Bahana:Platform with 8 legs

Jogini 52:Aagneyi
Two armed,with various ornaments,sword in the raised right hand,flames of fire surrounding her

Jogini 53:Aditi
Two armed,braid of hair over hand i.e. chingon on top,standing in samabhanga pose

Jogini 54:Chandrakanti
Two armed,braid of hair to right of head,wearing ornaments,standing in dwibhanga pose
Bahana:Khata/Cot with 4 legs

Jogini 55:Bayubegaa
Two armed,braid of hair(chingon),wearing ornaments,standing in dwibhanga pose
Bahana:ChamariGaai/Female Yak

Jogini 56:Chamunda
Four armed,garland of skull,holding a lion in upper 2hands,katari & severed head in lowerhands
Bahana:Kasturi Mruga/Musk Deer

Jogini 57:MuraaTi
Two armed,braid of hair over head like flames,wearing ornaments,standing in tribhanga pose

Jogini 58:Ganga
Four armed,braid of hair(chingon),holds petiole full lotus in upper right hand & nagapasa in lower left hand

Jogini 59:Dhumabati/Tarini
Two armed,braid of hair over head,holds winnoing fan in both her hands, standing in samabhanga

Jogini 60:Gandhari
Two armed,braid of hair to left of head,a kadamba tree in background
Bahana:Animal like a Donkey or Horse

Jogini 61:SarbaMangala [IDOL IS MISSING]

Jogini 62:Ajitaa
Four armed,braid of hair over head lokking like flames,standing in dancing & tribhanga pose

Jogini 63:SurjyaPutri
Four armed,graceful,kirita over head,holds bow & arrow & is seen plucking arrow 4m quiver

Jogini 64:BayuBeena
Two armed,braid of hair to right of head,wearing ornaments,dancing pose Bahana:Krushnasara Mruga/Black Buck & 2 flowervases

There is a big pond in front of the temple called as "Mahamaya Gaadia(pond)" named after the main Goddess "Mahamaya" among the 64 Joginis.

The temple-like structure at the centre of the pond is called “DipiDaandi”.

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