Bhim Mandali

Location: Penthabahal Village,Naktideul Panchayat,Naktideul Tehsil,Sambalpur.

In this place, there is a temple and there is a dense forest all around it with a river, Story is behind Bhim.

A story that is related to Mahabharat, this is the story about the most powerful person in the Mahabharat. Hades trembles on hearing whose name is Kunti's son Bhim. Today we will know the story of Unexplored Place about Kunti's son Bhim. This is a place in Odisha, there is a story of Bhim that we will tell you today on Odisha Tales. This story is very unrealistic you have must read the whole story.

This story is very old in which my father, my grandfather, and his father told this story to him. After listening to the story and we are narrating it to our new generation. The story we’re going to talk about and this place have a river all around it.

So, the Panchupandav or even on the story of Bhim, He everyday play on the river. If you have ever gone to the river and see inside it how the children keep playing, you can play in the river with lots of games, like the game is to build a temple in Sand and there is another game in which you try to keep the water, which we call in Odia (Bali Bandh). So, The Bali Bandh game that Bhim plays every day. When Bhim was young, he used to play games, and even when he had grown up, he used to play this game every day in the river.
So, even when Bhim had grown up, He used to go and play this game in the river, one day he went to play this game but he was naked while they trying to stop the water on the river.
Like every day, His mother Kunti Devi was worried about where my children had gone and where they were because there was forest all around and they had not eaten anything since the morning mother remembered that Bhim must have gone to play in the river, so at the same time mother started walking on the back of the river with the cake (Poda Pitha) she had made.

When Bhim's mother was going towards Bhim, at the same time Kunti Devi shouting and calling Bhim Bhim. Where are you, Bhim. Kunti Devi, who was shouting out to Bhim, Now Bhim heard this sound and at the same time Bhim said that if the mother is coming, what will I do, I am naked now.

At the same time Bhim thought that I will not be able to see mother now and my body is also naked, so how I will come in front of mother, then at the same time Bhim ran to the nearest mountain and put a jump into the mountain, due to which a cave has been formed and that is why this place name was Bhim Mandali, Mandali because the shape of the cave is circular that’s why its Mandali. When Bhim jumps to the mountain he prays to the god, by falling, his knee symbol is still at that place. The jump he had made, Bhim entered about 22KM away. After that, he went out to the village and the name of that village is Bhim Tumba near Naktideul Block.

No one knows what happened after that but now people go there to worship shiva. Also, people say that Bhim Mother Cake (Poda Pitha) become a stone and this stone is increasing day by day. People go there only at the time of Bol Boom, at other times not many people go there and there is some Santha who take care of this place.

Other Structures:
As you guys must have known in the story that about Bhim, looking about other structures there are many caves and nearby a small shiv temple that Gupteshwar, In Bol Bam time many people going here and the very beautiful spot here is Blackboard that people say that all Panchupandav used to study here. Even if you go there, you will still find that backboard place, nowhere only two latter in Odia that (ଅ ଆ).

If you want to come here from Sambalpur, then you will get many buses and you can go inside it by walking or half of the meter using auto or bike. This is the only way in which you will be able to come by bus. Sambalpur > Redhakhol > Naktideul Road (Penthabahal). If you come from Bhubaneswar on the train then you can get down in Redhakhol then you will get many buses or auto to come to this place. If you have wanted to stay here then you cannot stay here because this is a forest area, fear about elephants. So, you will have to come back on the day you go, there is a facility to stay here but if you stay here a night then you have to sleep downstairs.

Sambalpur Bus Stand > Ainthapali > Jujomura > Charmal > Redhakhol > Naktifdeul Road > Penthabahal

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