Riten Pattnaik is a native of Sambalpur, a city in the Indian state of Odisha. He grew up in the village of Mahakud and decided to pursue stand-up comedy as a profession, which was a risky move for someone coming from a small Odia village. Riten performs in the local language, showcasing his humor to the community around him. Apart from his passion for comedy, Riten is also a graphic designer, balancing his professional commitments with his comedy performances. Despite the challenges, Riten has a strong belief in himself and his abilities, which he hopes will fulfill his parents' expectations. He aims to work persistently and with perseverance to reach his goals and make his parents proud. Riten's story is an inspiration for many who want to follow their dreams despite the odds.

How did you get into comedy?
My entry into this field was not premeditated but rather a result of chance. My brother knew about my fascination with memes and the amount of time I spent watching stand-up comedy performances, so he proposed that I give it a shot myself. I began experimenting with comedy and as my interest and skill level grew, I eventually started performing in shows.

Where do the ideas for your content come from?
From raw observation - regular life incidents are funny affairs. Observing everyday life events can provide a source of humor as they naturally contain comedic elements.

Do you observe situations and create comedy or can you create comedy just in your head?
I am completely interested in observational comedy, but I enhance it with additional elements to make it more enduring.

What are your feelings about stand-up comedy in Odisha and how do people react to it?
As additional talented individuals become involved, there is no doubt that it will expand. However, it is currently in an early, raw stage and will likely require a few years or even twice that amount to fully mature.

Any favourite topics which you would like to share?
Feel free to check out my Instagram reel for more on the same. My handle contains various topics that I enjoy.

What is the best bit ever written by you?
As is often the case with artists, I don't believe I have reached my best work yet. However, there is a specific performance on YouTube that I particularly enjoy. It involves Odia essays, and it is one of my favorites to perform.

A Place or city where you loved performing and got an amazing audience?
Berhampur is a place where comedy is hugely appreciated by the locals. Following Berhampur, Sambalpur and Bhubaneswar are the next places where comedy is popular.

As a stand-up comedian, what would you say about comedy and mental health?
Using humor to make light of my personal tragedies helps me handle them in a better way. Moreover, when people appreciate my work, it feels good to know that I may have played a role in helping them overcome their own mental struggles.

Is it true that comedians offstage are generally loners and fairly quiet?
That is actually a western myth; in reality, Odisha has provided me with some of my closest friends from the world of comedy. Through my involvement in comedy, I have made many valuable friendships.

What is your favourite Odia food, favourite Odia song, favourite Odia movie and why?
Fav odia Food : Pakhala , badi chua , machha bhaja, tomato chataka badhiya lage Fav Odia Song : Recently - Kichhi Khyana (Gaurav Anand) Avisara - biraj rath ..all time fav re Hey Phauga, Hrudaya sunyata ku , ar je bana lata pahada Fav Movie - Bhai hela bhagari. Loved Siddharth Bhai's acting in this one. Also, recently Daman has made it to the top of my list.

Do you read books? What is your favourite Odia book you have read?
Cannot get myself to read anything but the newspaper, so not a pro in this zone!

What is your favourite tourist destination in Odisha? Tell us if you have any memories of that.
Memories are what I have build in Puri, memories of solid times with loved ones. However, Dyke in Sambalpur is my favourite in monsoon!

How do you spend your free time?
Music, web series, movies and goes without saying, reels!

Tell us about some of your favourite childhood games, memories.
Plenty to share - Marbles, 7 titles (7 khpari ), Bis amruta and a game called “badi degani”

Which Odia personality has influenced your life and why?
Biswa Kalyan Rath, right from my college days!

Which Odia Actors, Comedians you admire?
Dipanwit, when it comes to actors. Kuna Tripathy when it comes to comedians.

Do you have an interest to do acting in Odia Movies?
If showered with an opportunity, definitely!

Can you talk about a time when a joke or meme you created didn't land with your audience and how you handled it?
Memes do backfire but there's the easy way out for them - I delete and upload another. For shows that backfire, I need to hold conversations with fellow comics and my wife. With encouragement and a dose of boost, things work again.

Who are your biggest influences in the world of comedy and memes?
Comedy : Biswa kalyan Rath , Abhishek Upmanyu, Vipul Goyel Meme : Sagarsm on Twitter, Ama Abujha Pua page

How do you dream of Odisha in 2050?
Metro, Open Mics in all cities, our own IPL team, no water logging in front of Iskon and truckloads of other things!

Any piece of advice you would like to give to the younger generation?
Don't want to get preachy; just enjoy, do not forget to keep experimenting and control your urges as well as addiction!

How do you differentiate your style of comedy from others?
I would say the difference lies in my delivery, I make it sound stupid and yet strive to make it funny.

Nowadays we see many stand-up comedians using vulgar languages and adult discussions in the comedy. What’s your view on that? Don’t you think good comedy content can be done without those contents?
Comedy is a personal creation. The audiance can skip or ignore comedians but censoring them wouldn't work.

Do you think comedy and politics should be blend together?
Definitely. It is done and should be done. It's the new tool to awareness.

If anyone wants to get into comedy, any tips that you would like to suggest as a professional?
Start with Open Mics, not shows. It is only after 10-15 open mics that one shouygo for shows.

One last question. What would you like to change or revert if you are given an opportunity to go back to the past?
I do not want to change anything in my career in in comedy. Would definitely love to change my 12th board results though!

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