Sansaraipali (Gulabandh)

Only 55 km away to the north-west of Bargarh Railway Station, you will find one of the most beautiful village of Odisha that is Sansaraipali (Gulabandh) ସାନସରାଇପାଲି (ଗୁଲାବନ୍ଦ). A village gifted with extraordinary richness in history, culture, tradition and socio-religious activities. It’s a last village of Odisha growing in the lap of beautiful nature with 622 dwellers (including 9 PhD + 64 Fellows along with 90% literacy) mostly based on agriculture. Sansaraipali is notably known for its unique and respected way of celebration of Nuakhai (festival of welcoming new rice). Nuakhai brings 120 families together for worship and having prasad irrespective of caste, creed, color and class which is widely known in entire Western Odisha and covered by news channels every time. Being the last village it shares borders with the state of Chhattisgarh. As a bordering place, the village enjoys the geo-strategic benefits of roads and flight connectivity with the prime places of both Odisha and Chhattisgarh. The new Veer Surendra Sai Airport has shortened the distance for smart and fast connectivity to the village. Historically, the village was a part of Sarangarh Province (Presently Chhattisgarh) during the British era which was managed by Sri Santosh Gauntia who is founder of the village. The king of Sarangarh was a frequent visitor of Gulabandh (a reservoir of 138 acres) every winter for hunting foreign migrant birds attracted by the rich biodiversity of geographical location just like our lake Chilika.

Why Visit Sansaraipali

There is no shortage of reasons to visit this wonderful destination because its hydride characters appear in every corner of the village with a beautiful and thoughtful combination of both classical and contemporary features.

Ayodhya of Odisha - You will sense a harmonious environment inside the hamlet due to the religious- aesthetic impacts of 11 holy temples of different deities along with rich practices of traditions. Early morning from 4.30 am onwards you will listen to Odia and Hindi bhajan with peacemaking sound from Mandir tower. It helps people to start their day with a positive mind. Mandali, Sri Ram Temple, Laxmi Temple and Shiv Temple are well known for their attractive beauty. Among all the festivals, Nuakhai and Aiylatal come under the grand celebration events in the year. Above all, at the end of the day two giant Kirtan groups of youth organize bhajan sandhya which gives a mesmerizing vive to every mind before they go to bed. In addition, a group of 60 women devotees get-together twice in a week in mandali on Monday and Thursday for chanting spiritual songs in the name of almighty. The mounted religious environment is a gift of two gurus namely late Sri Sauki Khamari and Gauranga Bhue who have left footprints and thousands of pupils in both Odisha and Chhattisgarh.

Happening Spots:- It will take at least two tiring days to visit all important places of the village and above all miscellaneous activities are also associated with different places just like boating and swimming in the reservoir.

Places which can make your day great:-

Name of Places Activities/Facilities
Gulabandh Hand Boating, Fishing, Collecting flowers & nuts of Lotus,Lily, Singhada nuts, root bulbs of lotus etc.
Purnikata Paddle Boating, Swimming Race, Bathing & other Sports
Santosh Mini Studium Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Morning Walk over green grass.
Santosh Library Full of famous Fiction, Non-fiction and Academic literature In English, Oriya, Hindi.
Guest House A govt. infrastructure of “Mission Shakti” is well-equipped & decorated with all home facilities to make your stay pleasant.
Water Tanks cum Tower To capture an aerial views of local establishment & gorgeous scenario of Sunrise and Sunset behind Mountains.

Note: Photography and videography are cordially welcome. Meanwhile the Villager Peacock will entertain you and help you to enhance your quality time in the village.

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