Story Of Itikili, Mitikili And Gania

In a forest there was an elephant. His name was Gania. He was very notorious and wild in his nature.

In that forest, there was also a sal tree. On that tree, two birds lived. Their names were Itikili and Mitikili. They had also given birth to several baby birds.
One day Gania went near to sal tree and rubbed his body against that. Since the tree was not so big, it started shaking.

Itikili and Mitikili requested him not to do so as lots of baby birds were present and due to this act they might fall from the nest. Gania didn't listen to them and continuedhis act of rubbing. Itikili and Mitikili got furious and threatened Gania.

Gania told them that they may do anything they want. Hearing this, both Itikili and Mitikili made a plan. They entered in his ears and started chipping inside.

Then Gania ran away helplessly and asked them to forgive him. He also promised that he will never come to their tree. After hearing this, both Itikili and Mitikili came out. From that day onwards, Gania also, never troubled anyone.

Moral: Never misuse and feel proud on your power. Even a small element can defeat you.
This is a tribal story of Hill Kharias.

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