Location: Kuhudi Gram Panchayat, Marshaghai- Tehsil /Block, Kendrapara District, Odisha

Assembly constituency: Mahakalapada assembly constituency

The distance of the village is 8km (toward the east) from the district headquarters, 60 km from railway station, Kendrapara road, and 97 km from state capital Bhubaneswar.

There are three big ponds, -one in each north, east and south of the village. Maa Budhi Jaguali and Nilakanthewar dev in the western side of the village, and famous Matt as Baba Naguli Pitha in the northern side of the village. Some of the festivals which is celebrated by the villagers are, Durgapuja, and Kali puja, Holi Utsav, Siva Ratri and Kartika Mahotsav.

All section of the people live in the village such as, Khandayats Milk man, Brahmin, Barbers, Carpenter, Blacksmiths, and Washer-man etc. with a harmonious life without any communal differences. There is history behind the name and origin of the village i.e. the erstwhile Zamindar set up a habitation within a vegetation of dense neem trees making the name of the habitation as “Limbara” and subsequently turned to be named as “Nembara” as a revenue village. The LP school was set up in the village in 1901 making it a Premier Education Institution of the area and making the village 100 percent literate. Mostly the people have preferred to be teachers and depend on cultivation for their livelihood.

How to reach: A very simple way to reach the village, is by taking the bus services from Cuttack and Bhubaneswar and auto rickshaws are also available from the district headquarters and it is situation at the site of the government road called Dogra Bandha, which is form Kendrapara to Ortaghat.

The people of the village are very hospitable, genuinely healthy cultural habits.

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