Decorated with mountains , beautified with sea beaches , blessed with waterfalls and full of wild animals - NO NO it's not included in my village still it's the most beautiful place I have ever seen . This is "Bilana" a small village of Bhadrak district of Odisha.

Government record says it's a 4738 populated small village that falls under the Tihidi tehsil Of Bhadrak district . It's present nearly 13 km away from Tihidi and 22 km from Bhadrak .

All the inhabitants of Bilana use the sweetest language of the world , that is odia, for their communication and most of them believe in Hinduism . The variation in professions are noticed here but mostly are dependable on agriculture.

As it's in India specially in Odisha it's full of different types of temples . There's a temple named Ananta Madhab jiu temple which is the center of faith and believe for villagers . This statue is too old but it's said that when there was a jungle in that place Main statue of Ananta Madhab was discovered with so many side idols and the remaining part of a big temple . From it's remaining part one can imagine about it's glorious past which was lost . People offer Cheese-Gud (Chhena - Guda) to Ananta Madhab. The village has Ananta Madhab Jiu Temple Bilana Bhadrak,Shree Ananta Basudev temple Bilana, Maa Sarala temple , Maa Mangala temple , Mahadev temple and a Ganesh temple. A Bhagabat tungi present in the Village.

Bilana is blessed with the Salandi river as it's ornament to enhance the beauty . The scenic beauty is really enjoyable . Jungle with mixed trees is seen there . If you want to feel the heaven on earth you may come to the river side in the evening .

You can feel a moderate type of Indian weather there . Most importantly in the middle of the village hundred years old banyan and peepal tree present which gives a cooling positive vibe to that place . As Maa Sarala is worshipped in the foot of that tree , it's known as a sacred tree .

You can feel very well balance of modern and ancient culture here . It's said that there was a bael jungle before the civilization in the village that's why it's named as "Bilana" ( Previous name according to people was Belana). Ananta Madhab temple history and Bilana history is nearly falls in same period .

Banchhanindhi Nayak , previous landlord (Jamindar) of Bilana was a crucial part in the freedom movement mainly in non cooperation moment according to book "Bhadraka ra Itihasa" . His established school "Banchhanidhi High school" is also a famous school in near by villages.

Holi festival , Kumbha buda Mela , Barua Durgapuja , Bishuba sankranti , Durga puja and other festival related to Ananta Madhab is celebrated with so much live.

In the Bilana 2 UP school , Bilana Sahoyoga high school , a girls high school present and the best part is that students also can studied in near schools like Banchhanidhi high school and Deula School as they are nearly located . That's why literacy rate of both gender is satisfactory here.

If you want to visit the place you can take bus from Bhadrak Bus stop and usually it's take 1 hour to reach there . There are 2 bus stops in Bilana in both the end as it's a big village (also a Panchayat) so you can choose according to your destination and except bus auto , Jeep and other vehicles are also available with minimal cost . It's PIN code is 756163 for letter and official works .

You may visit this place any time of the year. If you are interested to discover this place more you may visit in festival time.If you are a nature lover and want to spent time in a peaceful place, this village is the best place.Let's discover it's beauty before lost.

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